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Hello! Friends , in this post you will get best attitude status for facebook and whatsapp. We have written best quality of status for you to express your feelings by posts on different social media platform like facebook and whatsapp.


These are the fresh attitude status for facebook. I can assure you that you will definately goimg to like these quotes based on attitude. So here are the status given below:

top attitude status
attitude status



1.  I’m not changed
     it’s just I grew up and
     you should try too.

2.  I never insult people 
      I only tell them what they are.

3.  If you think

      I am BAD 
     then you’re wrong,
     I’m the worst.

4.  The biggest slap 

      to your enemies 
      is your success.

5.  I always arrive late 

     at office but I make it
     by leaving early.

6.  I’m sorry my fault. 

      I forgot you’re an Idiot.

7.  I don’t have a bad handwriting,

      I have my own FONT.

8.  My attitude based on

     how you treat me.

9.  Hakuna Matata!!! –

     The great motto to live life…

10. Yeah You – 

        The one reading my status,  
        Get Lost!

11. When a bird hits your window 

        have you ever wondered 
        if God is playing 
        angry birds with you?

12. I know the voices in my head

       aren’t real but sometimes 
       their ideas are just 
       absolutely awesome!

13. I loved a girl and

       she broke my heart.
      Now every piece of my heart
      love different girls.
      People called it flirt that’s not fair…

14. Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood
      trying to save your girlfriend. 
      Now, you help me to save mine.

15. Me and my wife 

      live happily for 25 years
      and then we met…

16. Childhood is like being drunk,

       everyone remembers
       what you did, except you.

17. I’m poor.

      I can’t pay attention    
      in class room.

18. When I’m good I’m best , 

      when I’m bad I’m worst.

19. I’m cool but

      global warming
      made me hot.

20. Excuse me. 

      I found something under my shoes 
      oh its your Attitude.

21. If people are trying to

       bring you ‘Down’,
       It only means that
       you are ‘Above them’.

22. Please don’t get confused 

        between my personality & my attitude.

23. My personality is 

       who I am & my attitude 
       depends on who you are!

24. I’m Not Special , 

        I’m Just Limited Edition.

25. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

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